This month we bring you our well_ loved Banana Bread Recipe. Enjoy amongst workmates, served with a spread of butter.

4 mins
well_ loved: Banana Bread Recipe

Here is our favourite banana bread recipe, sourced from Bread Dad.

We cheat a little using a bread machine, but put on first thing in the morning, this is generally ready to go when our daily huddle ends at 9:30am. Be sure to serve with a spread of butter.

Send us your favourite banana bread recipe for us to try. We’ll award the submitter of the best tasting recipe with a carton of Coopers XPA!


  • 8 Tablespoons – Unsalted Butter (softened)
  • 2 – Eggs (lightly beaten)
  • 1 Teaspoon – Vanilla Extract
  • 3 – Bananas (ripe & MEDIUM-sized bananas) – 3 medium bananas equal roughly 1 cup of mashed bananas.
  • 1 Cup – Light Brown Sugar (packed cup)
  • 2 Cups – Flour (all-purpose)
  • 1/2 Teaspoon – Salt
  • 1 Teaspoon – Baking Powder (aluminum free)
  • 1 Teaspoon – Baking Soda
  • 1/2 Cup – Chopped Walnuts or Mini Chocolate Chips (optional)


Instructions – Bread Machine

  • Prep Time – 10 minutes
  • Baking Time – 1:40 hours
  • Bread Machine Settings – Sweet Quick Bread, Light Color, 2 lb
  • Beat the eggs.
  • Mash bananas with a fork.
  • Soften the butter in microwave.
  • Add the eggs, butter & bananas into the bread pan and then add the other ingredients. Try to follow the order of the ingredients listed above so that liquid ingredients are placed in the bread pan first and the dry ingredients second. Be aware that the bread pan should be removed from the bread machine before you start to add any ingredients. This helps to avoid spilling any material inside the bread machine. The bread machine should always be unplugged when removing the bread pan.
  • Put the bread pan (with all of the ingredients) back into the bread machine, close the bread machine lid and then plug in the bread machine.
  • Enter the bread machine settings (Sweet Quick Bread, Light Color) and press the start button. FYI – Before making this recipe, please read the tips section below for more information regarding the sweet quick bread setting used to make banana breads. The setting may be called “quick bread”, “quick bread/cake”, “cake”, etc. However, some manufacturers use the “quick bread” setting for rapid sandwich-type breads that use yeast (and not for quick breads such as banana bread that use baking powder/soda). Therefore, this setting can be very confusing… but the tips section below will help you to find the right setting to use on your machine. You need to enter the correct banana bread setting used by your SPECIFIC bread machine model or the banana bread could be under or overcooked.
  • Optional – If you want to add chopped walnuts or mini chocolate chips to enhance this basic banana bread recipe, please add them after the first bread machine mixing cycle and before the second mixing (final mixing).
  • When the bread machine has finished baking the bread, unplug the bread machine, remove the bread pan and place it on a wooden cutting board. Use oven mitts when removing the bread pan because it will be very hot!
  • After removing the bread pan from the bread machine, you should let the banana bread stay within the warm bread pan on a wooden cutting board for 10 minutes (as this finishes the baking process) before you remove the banana bread from the bread pan. Wear oven mitts.
  • After the 10 minute “cooldown”, you should remove the banana bread from the bread pan and place the banana bread on a wire cooling rack to finish cooling. Use oven mitts when removing the bread.
  • You should allow the banana bread to completely cool before cutting. This can take up to 2 hours. Otherwise, the banana bread will break (crumble) more easily when cut.