Network bandwidth and uptime are essential for a productive and effective workforce. Our dedicated engineers ensure that your network runs at its peak performance 24/7.

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Modern businesses need a modern network. SD-WAN helps you address current IT challenges with a sophisticated, high-performance network that won’t compromise security or your data.

Cloud connectivity
SD-WAN improves your cloud application performance and makes the cloud accessible to your employees, regardless of their location.

Better security
Digital platforms can expose your network to threats. SD-WAN boosts your security with a series of built-in security features.

Simple management
SD-WAN simplifies the complexity of your network, ensuring it runs smoothly across the layers of your IT infrastructure.

More bandwidth
SD-WAN is a smarter solution for managing traffic flows. Many applications consume large amounts of bandwidth. SD-WAN ensures that critical traffic is prioritised.

WiFi 6

The latest generation of standard WiFi. 802.11ax or WiFi 6 offers higher data speeds (up to 40% faster than WiFi5). Our team can help increase your WiFi experience and bandwidth requirements.

High-performance levels
WiFi6 is the next-generation wireless standard. WiFi6 has a higher level of throughput than Wi-Fi 5 and provides better performance in dense areas.

Improved battery life
Wi-Fi 6 includes features that allow devices to plan out communications with a router. This uses less battery and therefore prolongs your device’s battery life.

Better security
New security protocols (WPA3) make it harder to crack passwords and protects your network from external threats.

SDN - Software-defined networking

Keep your network agile and flexible with software solutions that help automate, manage and program tasks using software. Everything is directly programmable and centrally managed.

Granular security
SDN offers centralised security. The SDN Controller provides a central point of control to distribute information (security and policy information.)

Lowers operational costs
Lower operational costs with SDN that offers better control over virtualisation, administrative efficiency and improved server utilisation.

Centralised network provisioning
SDN offers a centralised view of your network making enterprise management and provisioning easier.

Data Centre Networking

Integrate and connect all your network-based devices and equipment with a well-managed data centre. We’ll help you:

  • Master the complexity of your network
  • Deploy intelligent automation
  • Improve operations
  • Perform at scale Manage your network for growth

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Hastwell provides a range of managed network services that optimise your infrastructure.

Managed Services

Custom ICT services tailored to your needs. With an in-depth understanding of your business needs, we’ll create innovative strategies to reduce operational expenses and support your business needs.
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Staff Augmentation

Improve your business capabilities and modernise your business with a team of IT specialists at your side. Hastwell’s staff augmentation services give you access to the talent pools you need to scale your business.
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Professional Services

Through creative solutions, strategic thinking and industry insights, Hastwell builds and implements ICT systems that help you fulfil your technical requirements faster and more efficiently than ever before.
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We’ve built relationships with a breadth of vendors and maintain high-level partnerships with each of them. These high-level partnerships give us access to discounts, which we can share with you.
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Ensure optimal performance in your organisation with network services from Hastwell. Book a complimentary consultation with us today.

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Build the business you’ve always dreamed of. Hastwell’s capabilities span over a myriad of industries and disciplines.

Our experienced and qualified team of engineers can support your business through the following capabilities:

Cloud Solutions

Gain full control of your network, data and systems, and protect your business from threats with mitigation strategies from our experienced team of engineers.
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Unified Communications

Tailored ICT solutions that keep you connected and protected. We offer a breadth of ICT solutions that are designed to suit your business needs and goals.
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Cyber Security

Empowering organisations with technology that accelerates business. Hastwell guides your business through the complicated technology and digital landscape, helping you select the solutions that are right for you.
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Microsoft Infrastructure

In today’s world of business, change is constant. Hastwell supports businesses to adapt to change and embrace technology to drive their business to its highest potential.
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