In light of the summer weather, we thought we would bring you our well_ loved all grain recipe for the Citra Summer Session Ale we have on tap right now.

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well_ loved: Citra Summer Session Ale

This all grain Summer Session Ale designed for enjoying with workmates on a hot summers day. With a light, smooth bitterness and delicious floral citrus aroma, combined with a slightly lower ABV and easy drinking malt character, its a real summer pleaser.

The following recipe is for a 23L batch, with a 60 min boil. Expected ABV is 4.3% with an original SG of 1.043 and final SG of 1.010.


Grain Bill:

3.5 kg Pilsner Malt

300g Cara-pils

250g Toffee Malt

200g Biscuit Malt

200g Medium Crystal Malt


Hop additions:

13g Citra (60 min boil)

15g Wai-iti (10 min boil)

20g Wai-iti (3 day dry hop)



Wyeast American Ale 1056