It's our pleasure to introduce and welcome to the Hastwell Tribe our new Service Delivery Manager, Paul Sweeting.

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Welcome, Paul Sweeting!

It’s our pleasure to introduce and welcome to the Hastwell Tribe, Paul Sweeting.

Paul has immediately fit right in with the team, with his casual, friendly and fun approach coupled with his experienced and highly analytical approach to how we provide outstanding service to our customers.

Paul has joined us in the joint roles of Service Delivery Manager / Resource Coordinator and will be responsible for the quality of service that we provide to our Managed Services customers, as well as manage the utilisation and allocation of our technical people across both Professional Services and Managed Services.

He brings with him extensive experience in managing technical teams across both integrators and distributors in our industry where he’s developed a broad knowledge of IT operations including significant skills towards reporting and customer advocacy.

Welcome to the team Paul!