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Case Study: HAMB Systems

Data Centre Networking Solution

Company Profile

HAMB Systems is a software development company wholly owned by 28 small to medium health funds. With both industry influence and community ownership, HAMB Systems ensures the technology systems they build and maintain are compliant, inexpensive and meet market demands. HAMBS is Australia’s most connected and influential advocacy group, reaching policy makers, legislators and industry regulators.

Business Situation

HAMB Systems were looking to modernize their Data Centre Infrastructure to ensure Reliability, Scalability and High Availability in order to deliver improved operations of their core business systems. HAMB Systems identified that they needed to invest in their infrastructure to improve their clients experience and minimize the time required to continue business operations in the event of a disaster, given the criticality of the services provided.

The Solution

Hastwell provided HAMB Systems with a modern, Data Centre grade core switching solution. Underpinning the new Hyperconverged Computing Infrastructure deployed, the Nexus 9000 series switches replaced legacy aging switching infrastructure, increasing scalability, features, and reliability at the network layer. By utilizing features and services that the nexus line of switches provide, the solution allowed HAMB Systems to have redundancy in their network core, to reduce downtime from both planned and unplanned events. Hastwell worked closely with HAMB Systems to plan, and execute migration activities, ensuring minimum impact to clients to ensure a seamless experience for HAMB Systems customers.

The result

By partnering with Hastwell, HAMBS was able top implement a successful data centre neworking environment.

Hastwell provided Nexus 9000 series data center grade switches to perform core routing and switching.

Hastwell also delivere Design and Planning services to ensure the migration was a success, and worked closely with HAMB Systems to configure, install and handover the solution to the operational team.

The outcome was a successful deployment of a reliable, scalable and highly available data centre network infrastructure to support HAMB’s workloads and business requirements.

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